History - Caribbean Cakes


My love of baking started in London as a young, stay-at-home mum. My mother-in-law came from Jamaica to visit and help me with the daily running of the household. The first time she baked a fruit cake I was instantly inspired and began my own journey into creating traditional, delicious Jamaican cakes.

I started with the basic- but much-loved- recipes, such as sweet potato puddings and banana cake. As my confidence grew I began adding my own signature twist to those traditional favourites and have- at this point- around 12 unique creations: Eva’s homemade delights.

My husband was my first and biggest fan :). He asked me to supply his restaurant with my cakes. At first it was a small gesture doing something I loved to support my husband but I was delighted to discover that my cakes were actually flying off the proverbial shelves! The more cakes I baked, the more they were in demand and I was now regularly being approached by other restaurants and private customers.

I have expanded my kitchen as a result of this success, so that I could cater for the growing demand and continue baking from home. After all, homemade is the only real option if you are looking for original, delicious Jamaican cakes.